Arrived at Destination

After more than 2,600 miles across the county (just a few hundred short of the average interval between recommended oil changes) we have arrived at:

4908 Will O Dean Road
Raleigh, NC 27616

This is home…

Well for now. The Schuck family is settling into a one year lease on a three bedroom, somewhat remote, somewhat off the grid home northeast of the city. The house, as we learned, is far different than California. It has both a septic tank and runs off of a well.

That said it is as quant and cute as the initial pictures we posted, albeit a tad more dirty than those real estate picture belied. The home has 3 bedrooms, kitchen, empty washroom, family room and a formal dinning room. The latter is bigger and stranger than we anticipated and even with the addition of an amazing hand crafted formal dinner table (courtesy of one stellar human being named Sean) we find ourselves dreaming of how to properly fill the space on our shoe string budget.

Day/Night 1 in the home proved a big stressful event, during and after our initial walk thru but we survived. Dawn on the second day has brought new challenges as we realized the former tenants, included young children, who left very messy walls. Yeah for magic erasers and elbow grease.

We split out day in half by visiting Adara’s new job and exploring the more immediate area around her work.

The day was further punctuated by trips to various stores and spending some money on more immediate needs like shower curtains or the shower mat that we need to cover the funky calcium stain in our master bathroom shower.

Tom ended the night by indulging his neurosis, by scribbling largely eligible labels on post it notes and assigning imaginary homes to the kitchen stuffs that will arrive on Saturday in the U Haul boxes.

Speaking of arrivals, we are patiently awaiting Tom’s father, Jerry, who graciously volunteered to fly out from San Diego and help us unload out shipping boxes. He will be paid well in local NC beer and food.

Oh course what you are all really curious about is how is the dog doing. We think he loves it but still hasn’t established that this place is his new home. He’s meeting the neighbors, bounding gleefully after squirrels and helping us explore the lake, that is less than two houses from our place. It’s obvious he’s happy but likely confused and he will be a very happy boy when he sees grandpa on Sat.

Both of us start jobs on Monday… Details to come soon. Love you all.



We made it!

5 days on the road feels like 5 years…We powered through Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas, where the reality that we were no longer in California did not take long to set in. Arriving in Tennessee was refreshing. It felt like we made headway – we were officially east and in the south! We popped into Memphis for lunch and so Bodhi could frolic in one of the coolest dog parks we’ve ever seen. In fact, it wasn’t so much a park as it was acres upon acres of trails, lakes and meadow for him to run and mark some territory. Since Memphis lost in our very serious Facebook poll, we headed to out to spend the evening and following morning Nashville. We made it a point to seek out some southern BBQ for dinner (it only seemed appropriate). Our Bring Fido app led us to a gem of a place: dog friendly, good food and good bourbon – Tom was in heaven. The next morning, as it turns out, a close college friend from was driving cross country from the east and we got to meet for coffee. It was so nice to catch up after nearly a decade for a random and spontaneous date!

On a the darker side, we learned a college friend was murdered by her recent ex-boyfriend. He shot her in front of her mom and sister. It has been visceral and hard to swallow. At the same time, it is nice to see many old friends popping up out of the woodwork in support of such a tragedy.

After Nashville we drove to Asheville where we are enjoying our first Air BNB experience: a very cute apartment in the arts district, just a mile from downtown. Tonight, we ventured out to a dog-friendly brewery for another good meal including Brussel sprouts and sweet potato fries. Tom was excited to talk beer with our knowledgable server.

Tomorrow we head out to find our new home in Raleigh. We are feeling nervous and excited as the reality of this decision is slowly setting in. I am looking forward to seeing Bodhi jet across his new 1 acre yard. Fingers crossed that all of our stuff makes it here whole!

More to come soon!
















Storm Chasers

It was a dark and stormy night…. Err day. For all those So Cal people who survived the downpour on Halloween night, well that dang storm has chased us the last two days.

We set off much earlier this morning, departing from Flagstaff. Everything was going well until we hit our first gas stop, a Love’s super gas station along the 40 east. Due to confusion, lack of sleep and the storm, Tom managed to drive away from the pump with the hose still attached. Thanks to some thoughtful engineers, the hose pops of at a safety point, so no damage was inflicted … On the Scubaru. (That’s Tom Subaru). Gas station manager was cool and we were on our way to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

This is the point in the story where the torrential downpours began. Yeah! Thunderbolts and lighting galore. We made it to Albuquerque to find a dog park for Bodhi. Well this was a wet soggy adventure. After less than 30 in the rain we put our drowned rat of a dog in the backseat and enjoyed the ode de wet poodle smell that delighted our senses for the next hour.

The rain continued to give chase along the 40 as we inched towards Amarillo, TX. It was about this time as we passed the border into Texas and into the Central Timezone that we were able to wrap our heads around the full consequences of daylight saving time, or rather the benefit in this case.

Later as we feasted on the delightful Cracker Barrel feast in our hotel room and cracked a bottle of wine (a just reward for a 9/10 hour day) that we begin the debate on how to get to NC, the route and the timeline.

Tom is also fielding strange looks today for wearing a Chargers’s hat. Turns out it was looks of pity after that Miami game.







Road trippin

And we’re off! After a Halloween celebration and farewell breakfast in Long Beach, we have arrived in Flagstaff, AZ for the night. We were hoping to make it further, but exhaustion from packing, partying and saying goodbyes has set in. The past couple weeks have been a total whirlwind! Planning on a good nights rest and an early start tomorrow.

Bodhi was a road warrior, although unimpressed with long hours in confined quarters. We cruised Route 66 listening to Bob Dylan and attempted a mystery novel ‘on tape,’ but it didn’t last long…I guess we’ll try a different book tomorrow.

For now, we’re all cooped up in a hotel across from Northern Arizona University studying road maps! Stay tuned for more as we post along the way.